About the Association of U.S. Academic Programs in India

The Association of U.S. Academic Programs in India (AUSAPI) is a network of U.S. and on-site administrators, faculty, and resident directors of educational programs in India. It seeks to provide opportunities for collaboration and to support the growth of study abroad in India for U.S. students.



AUSAPI organizes meetings and conferences, in India and the United States, to bring members together to discuss issues of common concern and to provide training for staff. AUSAPI hosts a listserv to provide a forum to discuss topics such as health and safety, travel warnings, upcoming events, new resources and articles, programming/resident issues, and job postings.


Leadership and Governance

AUSAPI membership is open to all U.S.-based academic institutions or third-party providers with study abroad programs in India. It is at the discretion of each member organization to appoint two representatives to serve on its behalf - these representatives may be U.S. or India-based. Affiliated membership is open to related organizations, such as Indian host or partner institutions, or those involved with India-U.S. international exchange. AUSAPI is led by a steering committee, consisting of the following members: